Seasonal Camping: Rules and Regulations

To keep the place enjoyable for you and your neighbors, and to avoid overcrowding, we are very strict on who can use the Seasonal Sites, and on our visitor policy.  A seasonal site is leased to ONE immediate family defined below.


Lessee and Guest Rules:  Who can stay at Kamp Dels.

1. Seasonal Site Lessee:  A seasonal site is leased to one immediate family.   Kamp Dels defines an “immediate family” as an individual, or couple, including children under 22 still living at home. Kamp Dels acknowledges that for some, this might include only 1 person, and for others, it may be more. No additions or substitutions. You must register your vehicle(s) once at the beginning of the season to get your permanent vehicle passes.  Once your vehicle(s) are registered, you are no longer required to check in your vehicle(s) at the main office. We allow no more than two yearly vehicle passes per site. If you have more than two vehicles you will need to stop in and get a temporary pass for that vehicle.


2. Park Wristband Policies:  **ALL ADULTS AND CHILDREN ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR PARK WRISTBANDS.  Upon entering Kamp Dels, EACH family member MUST stop in to have their weekly park wristband put on by a staff member. Site fee includes a maximum of five wristbands at one time that can be used only by the lessee’s immediate family (defined above), their parents, or their grandchildren.  No substitutions.  Exception to this rule is a Lessee that has an *immediate family greater than 5.


~ A son or daughter of the lessee that is under the age of 23 must be accompanied by their parents while staying at Kamp Dels.


➢ ISSUEING WEEKLY WRISTBANDS:  All included family members defined above, MUST be listed on the “Kamp Dels Seasonal Family and Vehicle Information Form” that will be sent with the Spring Newsletter and need to be filled out and submitted prior to Memorial Day Weekend.  NO additions to this form once it has been submitted.


➢ REISSUEING THE CURRENT WEEK WRISTBANDS to the same person or other family members described above:  In order to reissue any of the five wristbands for that week, your family members must have a Kamp Dels staff member remove wristband at the main office.  This will allow a new band to be issued to the same or different family member for that current week.  Wristbands that have NOT been checked back in by staff will be counted as one of the FIVE total bands for the current week the lessee is eligible for.    Current Week Wristband=Thursday through Wednesday.


3. Guests of the Site Lessee: Any individual, not part of the family defined in rule #1, is always considered a guest.  This includes Adult Children/Parents of lessee, if lessee is here.  ALL guest(s) must register their vehicle and receive Park Wristbands for every individual guest at the office, upon entering Kamp Dels.  A guest can be defined by one of the following:


a.) Day Guests- Visitors coming in for the day (7 a.m. – 11 p.m.), not staying overnight.

**Each site has an allotment of 20 complimentary day guest park wristbands.  (This includes our Perry’s Paradise Pool Complex.)  To ensure your complimentary guest wristbands are used by the guests of your choice, we will only issue complimentary wristbands upon request.  All other guests will be charged the Visitor Fee listed in the current pricelist.


b.) Overnight guest(s) in your trailer while you are here- Overnight guest(s) pay the per person overnight visitor fee listed in the current pricelist.


4. No sharing or subleasing of sites allowed.  Any party (brother, sister, friend, neighbor, coworker, etc.) using your trailer when you are not here, will be charged the current campsite fee listed in the current pricelist.  Exception:   Lessee’s adult children (over 23 years of age), or parents, may use their trailer when the lessee is not present at no additional charge,  (Maximum of 5 wristbands) These adult children/parents are required to register in the office, obtain a car pass,  and have their park wristbands put on by a staff member, upon entering Kamp Dels.  If additional Park Wristbands are needed, they can be purchased for the price listed in the current pricelist.  No permanent car pass will be issued for adult children or parents.



5. Extra tents/camping units set up on lessee site. The lessee is allowed to set up an extra unit at no extra charge as long as only family members defined in rule #1 are staying on the site.   If you have extra people (persons other than described in rule #1) staying overnight, regardless of who sleeps where, the unit will be charged according to our current pricelist.  Unit size and frequency of use are limited.  Please check with management prior to set up.





6. Season Dates:  Seasonal opening date is dependent on the weather, and therefore varies each year.   We determine the Opening Date when the conditions are dry and firm enough for car traffic (Typically around April 20th, but never before).  No trailers will be allowed to be moved in the spring until Kamp Dels gives authorization.  You will be held responsible for any and all damages to sites and roads if you enter Kamp Dels before the Opening Date, or move a trailer before you have authorization.  We cannot predict the weather, so we cannot set exact dates.  We will attempt to let you know, however it is your responsibility to contact us for the official Opening Date, and the date when trailers are allowed to be moved.   Closing date is October 10th.  If you are renewing for the following year, you may continue to use your site until October 20th.  Electric and water will be shut off October 20th for the winter.  However, if the water needs to be shut off due to freezing temperatures after October 10th, it will remain off for the winter.


7. Maintenance of site:  Kamp Dels will mow your site as needed (usually once per week) with our 7 foot mowing deck, without moving any of your items. You are required to trim mow any areas we are unable to reach with our mower. We will trim any site where the grass/weeds exceed 8 inches. $40.00 will be charged to your account each time we need to trim. If you would like to hire someone to trim mow your site on a weekly basis, please call Doug at (507) 351-6433.


8. Type of Trailers ALLOWED: All seasonal trailers must be neat looking and commercially manufactured. No buses, mobile homes, fish houses or homemade trailers allowed. Seasonal trailers, which are being brought into the campground, must be less than 10 years old. All trailers must meet our requirement.  We reserve the right to reject any trailer for any reason. Trailers which are showing age, or are not properly maintained, will not be allowed to renew the following year.


a) Trailer Length:  Your trailer must fit your site with a 5 foot clearance to the road and the rear of your site. The county requires a 10 ft. separation between all campers and decks.  Utility hookups will not be moved.


b) Sale of Trailer on site:  You may sell your trailer on site with the new owners keeping your site, provided the seasonal site is paid in full, title shown to prove your trailer is less than 10 years old, and your trailer is in good condition. If the trailer is older than 10 years, you may sell the trailer on site, but the new owners must trade/bring in a trailer that is less than 10 years old within one month of purchase. Kamp Dels must approve any trailer being sold with the site.  Prior to the sale appropriate paperwork must be completed and the site must conform to current rules and regulations. (Storage boxes, decks, landscaping).  Only ONE 8 1/2 x 11” FOR SALE sign is allowed and MUST be attached to your camper.  Other signage will be taken down and discarded with NO reimbursement.  Beginning in 2018, there will be a transfer fee of $200 paid by the seller, when selling your trailer on site.


c) All seasonal trailers must have current license tabs. Trailers without current license tabs will be taxed as personal property, by LeSueur County


d) No Clothes Washers allowed in trailer:  We do have a laundry mat.


9. Extra Structures allowed on your site:

a) "Neat" door step/Deck- You may construct a “neat” door step or deck on your site.  If your deck exceeds 100 square feet, you must file, and pay for a building permit from LeSueur County.  You can download the form at  LeSueur County requires that the deck be no larger than 300 square ft.  Kamp Dels requires that it be no wider than 12 feet and no longer than the length of your trailer. If your deck is taller than 30 inches, you must install hand rails for the steps, and railings around the edge of the deck.   You should build your deck in sections no larger than 8’ x 12’, this will allow you to take apart and move your deck in the future. Leave a 2” gap between your trailer and deck to ease the movement of your trailer in the future.  Fill this gap with a removable trim board.


➢ Kamp Dels does not move decks.

b) Minor Landscaping:  You may use bark, wood chips, or shredded wood chunks, but decorative rock of any type is not allowed.   Commercial patio furniture/chairs are permitted at your site as long as they are of a reasonable size, quantity and are Kamp Dels appropriate.


c) Storage Units and locations:  You may have one or two Rubbermaid storage containers (or the equivalent) on your site with a combined capacity, not to exceed 100 cubic feet.  No homemade storage boxes are allowed. Storage units should be placed within your site boundaries in the most inconspicuous place.  This is to maintain visual aesthetics and consideration for your neighbors.  Check with management for location approval.


d) No permanent screened-in porches, gazebos, Bars/Breakfast Bars, Thatched/Shade Umbrellas or TV stands.   Unique items not listed MAY NOT be allowed.  Check with upper management before you buy/install.  If an item is installed and not permitted it must be immediately removed.  Items not removed will be removed by Kamp Dels and discarded.  NO reimbursement will be given. Screened in tents are allowed but must be taken down when you are not here.  You are allowed one small dish 18" or smaller for TV service.  We prefer these mounted to your deck, but if reception is not available, you may mount these in another location with authorization.  Contact us before you dig.  Any wire or posts must be removed when you terminate your site lease.


e) Other structures must remain within site boundaries:  No structures/fire pits or other permanent items are allowed outside your site boundaries.  For site boundary clarification see management.


f) Boats/trailers/extra vehicles:  These items may be kept within your site boundaries while you are here at Kamp Dels.  If items do not fit within your site boundaries or you are leaving Kamp Dels, these items must be moved to dedicated storage areas and have a current permit tag.  Items without current permit tags will be removed at owner’s expense.



10. Site fee includes:

Water, Sewer, Wi-Fi (where available) & Cable

➢ ADDITIONAL FEES     Metered Electric:   New Seasonal lessee will be charged a $200.00 estimated electrical fee. Returning lessees estimated electric will be based on their largest amount of usage to date or $200.00 whichever is greater. Yearly updates are sent out at the end of the year. If you have overpaid your account, the following year’s account will be credited, (or receive a refund check if requested). If you underpaid, you will receive a bill. Sites currently equipped with a 30 amp hook up will not be converted to a 50 amp hook up.


11. Clean up and Damage Deposit: New Seasonal lessees are required to pay a $200.00 clean up/damage deposit. This deposit is fully refundable with the following conditions:  site fee including actual electric usage paid in full, site cleaned up, including but not limited to removal of deck, all block and mulch and any other debris put on site by existing lessee, and removed from Kamp Dels premises. REMINDER: Kamp Dels dumpsters are for garbage produced at Kamp Dels ONLY! This does not include unwanted items including bikes, decks, grills, cement blocks, awnings, landscaping materials and any other items not generated at Kamp Dels. (no carry-in garbage allowed)  Damage deposit not required for existing Lessee.  If you are not planning to return, you must remove your trailer, and have your site cleaned up, and returned to its original condition by October 10th.  Kamp Dels reserves the right to bill lessee for any clean up necessary, or damages caused, after you leave.


12. Payments:  Two payment plans available.

a) Full Payment: Site fee + estimated electric paid in full by September 1st will receive a $100.00 discount.  Payment is for the following season.  If paying by credit/debit card a fee of $70.00 will be added to the total due.

b) 10 ACH Monthly Payments:  (Automatic Payment)  Due the first of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June.  (Note for Renewing Lessee: the December payment will reflect the previous season’s actual electric usage bill or credit.)  Paperwork required to be completed.  If an ACH Payment is denied by the bank, a $30.00 service fee will be added to your account.

➢ NEW SEASONAL:  ACH payments will be equally divided by the months remaining in payment plan.

c) Outstanding Balance:  When paid by credit/debit card an additional fee of 2% will be added.


Any amount paid in advance of the due date is refundable with cancellation notice. Seasonal sites are considered rented when paid in FULL.  Accounts which are not paid in full by June 1st will be canceled with no refund of payment.  Partial payment does not warrant the use of a seasonal site. Late payments are charged $20.00 plus 1.4% interest per month on the amount past due.


**If you renew your site for the following year and keep your account current, you may leave your trailer on site through the winter at no charge. If you are not planning to return, you must remove your trailer, and have your site cleaned up, and returned to its original condition by October 10th.


➢ Payments are non-refundable after the due date.



13. Dock/Boat Lift:  You may use our shoreline outside our designated areas to install a dock and (or) boat lift. You need to carry your own liability insurance, sign our dock contract and pay current fees prior to installation.  All equipment other than stairs must be removed from the shoreline each fall, and stored in the designated dock storage area. See the dock contract for more information at   Boat/Boat Trailer parking allowed in designated area only.


14. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and are strictly enforced. No refunds if evicted.


15. These rules and regulations will be updated each fall.  A notification of the new rules and regulations will be sent out with your renewal notice each August.  Please read over the rules carefully.  Your signature on your original rules and regulations, along with your payment for the following year will constitute acceptance of any changes.



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