Frequently Asked Questions

For reservations call: 507.362.8616

1. Do you have availability for the summer?

The best way to check availability for camping or cabin rentals this summer is to click here for Kamp Dels Online Booking.



2. How do I Cancel or Change my reservation?

The only way to cancel a reservation is to call us at (507) 362-8616. One of our family-friendly staff members would be happy to help!


If you would like to change your reservation you can call us or go to our Reservation Manager and log in with the information you created when you made your reservation.


3. Can we come swimming for the day and what is the cost?

We allow outside guests to come use the facilities Sunday after 2pm (discounted rate - $13) Monday – Thursday Non-Holiday for $16/person (under 2 FREE). NOT available over the Fourth of July Week. Show us that you LIKE our Facebook page and get an instant savings of $4 per pass.



4. What are your Camping Rates?

Camping rates can be found at  We also have a rate calculator at where you can input your dates, number of guests, etc. and it will calculate the cost of your stay.



5. What are your Cabin Rental Rates?

Cabin rental rates can be found here.



6.  Are tents allowed at your camping cabins?

Sorry, no tents are allowed at the camping cabin area.  If you would like to set up a tent, you would need to reserve a campsite.



7. We are camping here; can we have visitors?

You are welcome to have visitors during your stay. We do charge for day visitors.The visitor fee is $10/person/day, which includes the use of our Pool Facilities. All vehicles need to acquire a vehicle pass ($5.00) and park in the car parking lot.



8. Can life jackets or flotation devices be worn in the pools?

Life jackets and flotation devices can be worn in Lazy Lagoon (our swimming pool with diving boards) and Tykes Typhoon. Life jackets can be worn in the swimming areas of Khaos Kove. Kamp Dels prohibits the use of life jackets or flotation devices on the slides, climbing wall, or water walk.



9. How many people are included with my campsite?

Your base campsite fee includes 2 people. For each additional person added to the site (ages 2+) it is $10/person/night.



10. Can we set up an extra tent on our site?

We charge per sleeping unit not per site. If you are bringing in more than one family setting up more than one camping unit, we do charge per camping unit.  (One family is considered two adults and children under the age of 18 still living at home.) If you are bringing in two families, you will be better off renting two sites. You will get twice the room for the same fee. The only exception to this rule is if there is only one family, as listed above, and the children would like to sleep in their own tent; we do not charge an additional fee for the extra camping unit.  Please inform our staff at check-in time if you are setting up an additional camping unit. You will need to acquire an additional tag for your extra camping unit.



11. What time is check in/check out? Can we arrive early or stay late?

Camping: Check-in time is 3 p.m. and check-out time is 2 p.m.

Cabin Rentals: Check-in time is 2 p.m. and check-out time is 10 a.m.

We do not allow early check ins or late check outs. Kamp Dels is a very busy place with many families coming and going every day. We need time in between to mow, trim mow, clean up garbage, empty ash pits, and prepare your site for the next guests. Your wristbands will expire at 2pm on check out day and we do not issue wristbands until check in time.



12. What is included with my stay?

To view the list of all our recreation that is included with your stay and the few additional items that are extra click here: Kamp Dels Recreation


13. Does the resort have Wi-Fi or Cable TV?

Wi-Fi is accessible on 99% of the campground. Our internet is great for surfing the web, checking emails, and uploading pictures. Video streaming services use a lot of data and can be difficult to load during peak times. Though streaming services will work at times, we recommend bringing DVD players if you want to watch movies. We do have Cable TV (with over 50+ channels) available at ALL times at NO additional charge. Just bring your own coax cable to hook up!


14. Can we bring in our own firewood?

We do not allow outside firewood to be brought onto the grounds due to the tree diseases that easily spread throughout the state. Please be courteous of our trees and leave your firewood at home. You can bring any untreated construction lumber to burn at your site. We do have firewood for sale on our grounds. Fire wood bundles are $6.00/bundle.



15. Do sites have fire rings or grills?

Kamp Dels will provide a fire ring on each site for you to burn a fire. There are not grills on site, just a ring that you may place a grill over for your convenience.



16. Do you have seasonal RV sites available? What are the costs?

Our seasonal availability list can be found here: Kamp Dels Seasonal Availability

Our seasonal rate for the 2020 Camping season is $3895. Our electricity is metered, and you pay for the amount you use. We take an upfront estimated fee of $200. If you use more than that, we will bill you for the extra electricity. If you use less, we credit the amount to your account. We also take a $200 damage deposit upon signing up. When the day comes, and you no longer want to be a seasonal at Kamp Dels, the damage deposit is used to ensure you clean up your site.  If you have built a deck or done any landscaping, you must take all of that with you when you go. The site must be returned back to original condition.



17. How many vehicles are we allowed to bring? Are there additional costs for additional vehicles?

One vehicle is included in your stay. We only allow ONE vehicle to be parked at each site. We do not restrict the number of vehicles allowed to be brought in, however all vehicles need to acquire a parking pass ($5.00) and park in the car parking lot area. We suggest bringing the least number of vehicles possible.



18. What is your Pet Policy?

No pets are allowed at or in the camping cabin rentals.  Friendly, well-mannered dogs are allowed at the campground with the following rules:  Dogs must never be left alone.  Dogs left alone in a strange place tend to bark. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Owners are fully responsible for their pet’s actions.



19. Can we bring a golf carts or motorized scooters?

Sorry, we do not allow any motorized carts/scooters/golf carts. Motorcycles can be ridden to and from the main gate but cannot be ridden around the campground.  Handicapped chairs/scooters are allowed for those in need, and only for those in need.



20. Can I reserve for next year?

You can renew your camping cabin rental, or your 4 or 5-night camping stay before you leave. New cabin rental reservations, and 4 or 5-night reservations for next year are accepted 355 days prior to check in. Reservations for 2, 3, 4, and 5-night minimum stays are accepted online only starting October 1st.  Phone reservations for next year can be made starting January 1st.



21. What are your quiet hours, and how strict are you?

We are a resort that caters to young families, and therefore our quiet hours are set to make most of these families happy.  Our quiet hours are strictly enforced from 11pm to 7am.  If you feel these quiet hours begin too early, or are too strict, we recommend not staying with us, and finding another resort to stay at.  There are no exceptions, and no refunds if evicted.


22. What is your Cancellation policy?

In order to get a deposit refund, you need to give us a full 7-day notice on camping, and a full 8 week notice on camping cabin rentals.  There is a $10.00 handling fee for camping, and a $25.00 handling fee for canceled cabin rentals. We do have a No Show Fee of $100.00 if you do not show up for your scheduled arrival day. A 24 hour notice is required


23. What are the Pool temps?

We have four pools. Three of the pools are set to 82 degrees. Tykes Typhoon has so much water squirting everywhere, the water tends to match the temperature of the air.  It's warm on warm days, cool on cool days.



24. Why do you have minimum length stay requirements that are different for each site?

There is always a 2-night minimum to reserve any site.  However, we do set longer weekend minimum stay requirement for our premium sites, and during our busiest times.



25. What are the minimum stay requirements for camping cabin rentals?

During the main part of the summer, our camping cabins rent for weeks only, Friday to Friday.  We do accept shorter stay reservations one week prior to check in if available.  Check out for more information.



26. What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, or Credit Cards (Visa, Discover, Mastercard).


If you have any further questions that were not answered in our FAQ’s or you want to know more about questions located in our FAQ’s, please call us at (507)-362-8616 and one of our family friendly staff members will be here happy to help!


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    Kamp Dels is one of Minnesota's favorite campgrounds just waiting for your family and friends to come and enjoy Southern Minnesota Camping at its best. We are located one hour south of the Twin Cities, tucked one mile north of Waterville on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Sakatah.


    Kamp Dels is a family-oriented campground that offers many recreational amenities directly on site. We feature pools, interactive waterpark, horseback riding, pony rides, our famous petting zoo, three large playground structures, minigolf, basketball and volleyball courts, racquetball court, fitness center, driving range, tennis, catch and release fishing pond, fishing, pontoons, boats & motors, paddleboats, and much, much more!