We will be handling the COVID 19 pandemic the same way we try to handle all situations at Kamp Dels:  The safety of our guests and our staff is our #1 priority.   We are reading advice from experts and having internal discussions every day on how best to handle this difficult situation.


Please review the Visitor Guidelines Set by the Governor of MN.


Before choosing to come to Kamp Dels, please review the MDH Visitor Safety Check List . If you  check off any of the boxes, PLEASE STAY HOME. There is nothing more important than the safety of our guests and our staff.


Guidelines for Visitors Consistent messaging will help visitors effectively plan and prepare for their visit. Campground operators should ensure their customers receive this information. Information distribution methods may include social media, news releases, e-mails sent to campers, and on-site postings, among other methods. When camping, visitors should follow these recommendations:

1. Plan ahead. When you are able, make reservations and purchase permits, firewood, ice and other items online or by phone before you arrive on site. Cash-less and minimal-contact transactions are becoming a common operating procedure in many establishments to avoid lines and person-to-person interactions. This will help protect you, other visitors, and staff.

2. Be self-sufficient. Be prepared to be as self-contained and self-sufficient as possible. For example, arrive prepared with your own soap, surface disinfectant supplies, hand sanitizer, paper towels/hand towels and toilet paper just to be sure.

3. Socially distance yourself. To ensure that social distancing can be maintained, it is best to set up your campsite—sleeping, campfire and eating areas—to maximize distance from adjacent campsites that host people from different households.

4. Recreate with your household. Restrict use of your individual campsite/campfire to only those in your immediate household.

5. Know before you go. Be prepared for lower levels of service and public contact. Plan ahead for your visit. Ensure that you have maps of the area downloaded or printed before you leave home, in case they are not available on site. Many programs and facilities will be canceled or closed, so check online resources for updated information about rules changes and closures so you know what to expect when you arrive.

6. Follow the rules. Follow all campground rules and instructions, whether given in writing or verbally, that protect your safety and the safety of others. These rules and instructions will likely include facility-specific direction about things such as:

➤ Wearing face masks in public settings, such as within bathrooms, shelters, and ranger stations and around kiosks

➤ Observing cleaning protocols for self-service facilities and amenities before and after using them.

➤ Leaving furniture, such as picnic tables and chairs, as you find them—they were likely appropriately spaced by the campground operator to encourage social distancing.

➤ Restricting use of your individual campsite/ campfire to only those in your immediate household.

➤ Following directional signage – e.g., wait your turn and capacity limits – that will promote social distancing in buildings, at overlooks, and around other confining spaces. 11. Be well informed.

➤ Continue to consult MDH Guidelines for up-todate information on keeping yourself and your family healthy at diseases/coronavirus/index.html

➤ Visit the Minnesota DNR website for up-to-date Outdoor Recreation Guidelines at www.dnr.state.


June 1st, 2020 Update

At this time we have no new updates to share. Our pools and playgrounds are still closed until the Minnesota Department of Health deems them safe to use. When will that be?.. unfortunately, at this time we do not know. We are optimistic that it will be sooner than later. We will continue to press our state representatives for answers. As soon as we find out more information, we will share it here first.


The campground/cabins are open for overnight use. All our other facilities and recreation are open and ready for use.


If you are looking to cancel your reservation due to the pools being closed, please remember that this announcement to open can come at anytime. Our cancellation policy is a full 7 days to receive your deposit back (less handling fee). If you are up in the air and waiting for news on the pools, just hang tight and cancel/change your reservation 7 days in advance.


If pools are mandated to stay closed, your rate will be discounted 15%.


May 20th, 2020 Update


With the recent governor order, overnight camping WILL be allowed starting on June 1st. There will be extra sanitation measures and distancing procedures we will need to enforce.


Visitors will be allowed. Visitors will need to register in the main office and acquire a car parking pass.


Groups of 10 or more will NOT be allowed.

 Playgrounds & Pools will remain closed until MDH deems them safe. If pools are closed, your camping rate will be discounted 15% off your entire balance.


At this time, shower houses will remain closed. Available for emergency use only.


Laundry facilities will remain closed. Available for emergency use only.


ALL other recreation will be available. Inlcuding sports courts (bean bag boards, shuffleboard, tennis courts, sand volley ball court, basketball courts, etc.), Mini Golf course, driving range, Tram will be out and about on the weekends, Petting Zoo, Lake equipment (Paddle boats, Aqua Trikes, Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Pontoons), and as much weekend entertainment as we can provide.


 The snack shack and main office will remain open. Social distancing practices will be in effect. We will have our full snack shack menu available with everything you have come to know and love.



May 7th, 2020 Update - Memorial Day Weekend Overnight Campers/Cabin Rentals


We wanted to update all of our overnight campers that may be curious on how we will be handling our upcoming Memorial Day weekend.


We realize everyone is dealing with these unprecedented times. There are difficult situations out there for everyone, but we know we can get through this together. Our family and staff will do everything we can to offer as many amenities as allowed by the government. Our number one concern is your family’s safety and the safety of our staff.


Up until now, we have waited for guidance from the government and felt we had time to make decisions and hoped we would not have to develop a plan based on hypothetical scenarios. However, we understand you need and deserve answers. Therefore, we have developed a plan for you and your family that hopefully gives you some guidance and clarity.


• If the government mandates that we are closed to our overnight campers, we will issue a full refund for your stay.
  • If the swimming pools are required to be closed, we will be discounting your entire stay by 15%.


We ask that if you, your family, your friends, or if those close to you are not feeling well to please stay home. For the safety of yourself and the others around you. Please take responsibility for yourself and your children to take the appropriate steps to sanitize and safely keep your distance from others around you. It is an unprecedented time for everyone right now and the best thing we can do is work together to keep everyone safe.


We want you to know that if you and your family want to come and explore the outdoors here at Kamp Dels, that we have thought through a plan that allows you to book your upcoming stay with confidence. You know and are aware of your options up front when booking.



April 30th, 2020 Update


Today Governor Waltz extended the business closure orders until May 18th. This means there are no modifications for our businesses in terms of re-opening, including onsite amenities that must remain closed. If anything changes between now and then, we will update you as soon as we know more.


April 20th, 2020 Update


 We will update this when reliable information becomes available.   Please check back often.


Seasonals: The state discourages travel but does allows seasonal guests to use their trailers.  Seasonals can use their trailers now, but all facilities are closed.  No office, snack shack, shower houses, or recreation of any kind.  Guest must continue to use the social distancing rules.  Campfires by families who live together are allowed.  No groups.


Overnight guests:  Kamp Dels is closed to overnight guests at least until May 4th.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation through this difficult time. We hope to see everyone soon.

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    Kamp Dels is one of Minnesota's favorite campgrounds just waiting for your family and friends to come and enjoy Southern Minnesota Camping at its best. We are located one hour south of the Twin Cities, tucked one mile north of Waterville on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Sakatah.


    Kamp Dels is a family-oriented campground that offers many recreational amenities directly on site. We feature pools, interactive waterpark, horseback riding, pony rides, our famous petting zoo, three large playground structures, minigolf, basketball and volleyball courts, racquetball court, fitness center, driving range, tennis, catch and release fishing pond, fishing, pontoons, boats & motors, paddleboats, and much, much more!